The Grandmasters clock ticks away.

I know who you are.

You watch people.

You’ll never speak, but you’ll watch -as you pretend to not watch.

People are very intricate puzzles, isn’t that what you think?

Yes, that’s what you think.

That’s what you told me.

If you watch closely enough, you’ll know why your friend does that odd zig-zag shudder of her shoulder when she’s anxious.

If you sit and listen to them, telling you a story, somewhere in your brain you hear the soft sliding of a piece in the grand puzzle.

You see how they shift when someone walks by, another slide of another piece.

You hear them sigh about something familiar; yet another piece.

You read them like a book as they make choices, decisions, good or bad; another.

You close your eyes and listen to their favorite song; another.

You watch as anger burns in their eyes; another.

And you do this, for as long as it takes.

You watch the nuances of their behavior and place the pieces,

One by one,

Bit by bit,

Inch by inch,

Story by story,

And finally, you see it.

You see the grand puzzle, the big picture, the map of their psyche.

Thrilling, isn’t it? It’s like a game you play all by yourself.

You can never lose.

You’re the Grand Master of this twisted but enthralling little game.

But what do you do, when you’ve completed a puzzle?

What do you do, when you’ve read a mildly mediocre book?

What do you do when you’ve solved a math problem?

You pick another puzzle. You read another book. and you solve the next problem.

But tell me this, o Grand Master, how many puzzles will you put together before you hang your head in shame?

How many people will you watch before you take a glimpse of yourself?

How many books will you burn to keep yourself warm?


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